Variant management – Reduce and manage complexity

When it comes to variant management, the central issues are:

…how many versions are required on the market?

…What would be an ideal way of managing versions?

All this must be considered against the background of changing underlying conditions and heterogeneous markets. Also, customers today expect their requirements to be fulfilled in a customised way without paying a higher price.

The costs of an increasing number of versions are often far from being immediately obvious: in many instances companies do not take note of them. Experience demonstrates that the highest costs are generated in the field of manufacturing, logistics and development. Costs in other departments, like controlling, purchasing, planning, after-sales or sales, may also climb rapidly as the number of product versions increases.

A structured approach for Variant management  is our response for an economically, efficiently manufacturing of products in a customer-oriented manner:

… Analysing customer needs and customer functions
… Deducing product designs and version drivers
… Clearly presenting the overall interconnections
… Including all relevant departments and units
… Providing a holistic elaboration of product concepts
… Carrying out an iterative refinement of the overall concept
… Determining comprehensive modular solutions and kits
… Elaborating manufacturing and logistics concepts
… Determining organisational and supplier structures
… Software-based data-capturing and optimisation

Variant management (Further information about variant management in german)

 variant management

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