Values create added value

I&R Innovation & Results stands for many years of sophisticated and exciting projects in a technical environment. Trust, responsibility, respect and sustainability are deep-rooted in our philosophy.

You will feel our enthusiasm for technology in our thinking and action. Our mission is to generate the best possible results for our customers. The following values are important for us on the route that we will follow together:

Holistic approach

Especially in a complex technical environment, often the key issue is to be found in the details. At the same time, it is important for us to think in a holistic way, to recognise interconnections and to point them out. This is a tightrope walk that gives challenging projects such an appeal.


Curiosity is one of our driving forces: getting to the bottom of new things, asking, actively listening, understanding and recognising strengths as well as weaknesses.


Respecting other people but also respecting existing solutions. In addition this involves understanding of the status quo and perceiving essential details. Together with the people behind the facts.


For us this means long-term customer relationships and behaving in a spirit of partnership, as well as setting high quality standards, matched by our actions.


When you have a complex task to master, you often tend to look for a complicated solution. The challenge we set ourselves is to find simple solutions in collaboration with the parties involved. Even when it’s a tough task.


We are striving to be the best, together with our customers. Nothing is more motivating than success.