Process optimisation – Tomorrow, today will already be yesterday

Or in other words: nothing is more constant than change.

Especially in a technical environment. Market demands are increasing, product life cycles are shortened, new technologies are being launched, programmes and tools are changing.
Change always has an impact on processes in a company. Optimisation implemented in one department may turn out to be a disadvantage for others. It is not rare for approaches which are inefficient, or not optimally adjusted, to establish themselves in the course of time.

A holistic approach means improving processes in a sustainable manner. This is essentially based on understanding the decisive interconnections and mutual dependencies. This includes analysis, visualisation and communication of bottlenecks, loss of information or unproductive operations.

Mostly it is easier for an External Partner to question the status quo, to suggest new solutions, to evaluate and implement solutions together with the parties involved. Our focus is not on maximum change but on maximum benefits for the customer.

In most cases a change is more sustainable when you implement it in several smaller-scale steps. Let us call it a minimally invasive approach for process optimisation.

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