Cost reduction, enhancing performance

Against the background of global competition, it is essential to reduce material and manufacturing costs continuously: Cost reduction.

The product concept already determines more than 70 percent of manufacturing costs. This is why the early development phase offers the highest leverage for reducing costs. I&R Innovation & Results will support you right from the first step. In the section that follows you will find a definition of a number of tried and tested methods for reducing manufacturing costs efficiently. Certain methods are approved  for many years to reach your goals at cost reduction:

Existing concepts and approaches will be systematically evaluated in the course of an intensive exchange of information between all the parties involved.

It is recommended to optimise not only individual components but rather modules or complete model ranges as well.

 Reduce CostYou like to reduce the costs, without to loose product quality?You look for an experienced, competent partner who is able to supports you? Please, contact us!